What is MikayOxy? 

MikayOxy is 95% Purified Oxygen. MikayOxy can be purchased as a 9L, or 18L. The canisters themselves are 400ml for our 9L and 1000ml for our 18L.

Why Does the Can Feel Empty?

When picking up MikayOxy, one gets the immediate feeling that the canister is empty. Please do not think this is the case. Due to oxygen being virtually weightless at these concentrations, the aerosol can will feel empty as the only weight you will feel is the actual aluminium can itself. There will be no liquid inside the canister as oxygen has been compressed as a gas and not liquid.

The advantages of MikayOxy being so light, it allows for convenience when travelling, exercising and being in the outdoors.

How Many Inhalations Does Each Aerosol Provide? 

The amount of inhalations will all depend on the user, some people prefer short breaths of one-second while others prefer deeper inhalations of up to three to four seconds. On average our 9L MikayOxy will provide up to 50 x 1 second inhalations, and our 18L MikayOxy will provide up to 400 x 1 second inhalations.

How Do I Use MikayOxy?

Hold the can in one hand, bring to mouth below nose, exhale and with your finger on the trigger, with your next inhalation, press down on the trigger and take a deep breath. Hold your breath for about 3 seconds to allow for maximum absorption. For max benefit, this process can be repeated 2-5 times.